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About Me

“Content manager” is probably the best way to describe me on the job. When people in my organization at Cisco need writing or editing done as part of marketing outreach, I am their first stop.


I began my career at Cisco largely as an editor within the content development sphere of the company’s training and certification business. I strove for the opportunity to write by taking on long-term stretch assignments, such as writing for Cisco’s employee news or playing a leading role putting together the company’s environmental awareness newsletter. A switch to the marketing component of training and certification six years ago has vastly increased my versatility as a writer and manager of the team’s content assets. I can now confidently create white papers on technical topics, take a more conversational approach with blogging or social media, put a human face on the business with customer success stories, or craft email messaging for directors that is cogent yet crisp.

My Skill Sets

I bring to writing a facility with words, an ability to relay ideas clearly and persuasively, and a constant desire to touch someone with the power of an idea, the emotional impact of a story, or an entertaining way to develop a concept. I am motivated to dig in and learn about a new technology in order to write about it.
I am comfortable both as a developmental editor relaying broad comments about the direction of a written piece, but am equally adept as a meticulous copy editor with a strong eye for grammatical issues, along with problems in clarity, correctness, consistency, or coherence. I have also had job roles where I oversee or mentor other editors and writers.
Content Manager
On a recent project overseeing the creation and publication of 42 white papers, I was a virtual managing editor for the group. I provided review of white paper outlines and drafts from writers, secured fact checking from technical subject matter experts, coordinated the efforts of copy editors and proofreaders, oversaw the design and layout of the papers by an outside agency, provided step-by-step guidance to web designers for posting the papers, and arranged for performance measurement with our marketing automation team. All 42 white papers were created in a little more than a year.